These Moments From The ESPYS Will Have You Feeling Inspired

Sports are about more than physically gifted athletes aiming for championships. The players, the teams, and everything in between help lift spirits across the globe. Players like LeBron James are perfect role models for the youth who need a positive figure in their life. And when icons like Caitlyn Jenner share their story, it opens up the door for others who might have otherwise felt trapped. Sports can increase positivity more than one can imagine. The ESPYS understand this. Each year, ABC network awards athletes and provides them a platform to inspire viewers in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Sergeant Elizabeth Marks Honors Those Who Serve


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sergeant Elizabeth Marks suffered severe injuries in Iraq while serving for the U.S. Army. Already, that should let you know the type of heart she has. The injuries she endured were so harsh; Marks discovered swimming to help recover. In 2016, Marks earned the Pat Tillman Award for Service.

“After returning from combat, I suffered from survivor’s guilt,” Marks said during her acceptance speech. “I felt selfish for wanting to go and compete when I could be helping in other ways.” To feel guilt because she survived speaks volumes and solidifies why she deserved this award.

Stay focused, there are more inspiring moments to come, like this one with Dwayne Wade and LeBron James up next.