These Female Entrepreneurs Under 30 Are Making Millions And Killin’ It

What lengths would you take to turn a good idea into a multi-million-dollar moneymaker? These young women took their brilliant ideas and ran with it. It didn’t always work out for them in the beginning, but through perseverance and faith, these women created lucrative businesses all before the age of 30. From a 15-year-old self-made millionaire to an MIT undergrad who is a successful game developer, these awesome lady bosses will make you want to get to work!

Seema Bansal, 26

Photo: bseema101/Instagram
Photo: bseema101/Instagram

Seema Bansal used up all her savings and moved to New York City, where she started the foundation for Venus ET Fleur in 2015. Two years later at 26 years old, Bansal’s business was grossing $7.5 million in sales.

That number is a growth of 226% since the previous year, according to Inc., and Bansal already has plans to expand to Los Angeles. Venus ET Fleur is an e-commerce business that specializes in custom rose arrangments that can last for up to a year thanks to a unique wax-based solution. Co-founded with Bansal’s fiancé, Venus ET Fleur has quickly become a favorite among many celebrities, including the Kardashians.