The Craziest Things People Did To Pay Off Their Student Loans

Some people go to extremes when it comes to saving money in order to pay off a student loan or other type of debt. What some may consider cheap, others consider creative. The following men and women made huge sacrifices — such as skipping out on basic comforts and living in unusual places in order to live debt-free.

A Couple Used Washable Clothing Instead Of Toilet Paper


Photo credit: Don Arnold/WireImage via Getty Images

One couple saved money by using washable clothes instead of toilet paper. Yup, you read that right. This is definitely extreme and a little disgusting (who wants to wash poo-smeared t-shirts?) and we can’t help but wonder how much they actually saved.

Amazon lists a 308-Sheet Mega Roll, six-count bunch of toilet paper for $6.99. It’s got to last a few weeks or a month. Is it really worth the trouble? The couple also burned wood as a heat source, foraged in the wild for edibles, and sewed their kids’ clothing. They wound up paying off $89,000 and saving $20,000 for a house.