Shirley Manson’s Style Evolution

There no question about it. Shirley Manson is a style icon. As the lead singer of alternative rock band Garbage, Manson has been one of the top reigning queens of style in the music industry since the mid-90s – but in our eyes, it started much earlier than that. Manson killed it with her gigs in previous bands, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and Angelfish, only to come out on top some 30 years later.

From the 80’s hair, to the ’90s alternative look, to modern day lady killer, there is absolutely nothing this woman cannot pull off. Needless to say, we’re jealous. Let’s take a look back at the style evolution of Shirley Manson.

’80s Teen Model

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Photo: Shirley Manson/Facebook

In this shoot for Jackie Magazine in the 1980s, Shirley was the epitome of everything cool back in the day. From the hair to the flower arrangement, this just screams, “I’m meant to be on album covers!”

Although none of Garbage’s six albums feature the band on the cover, Shirley has appeared on the album covers for previous bands, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and Angelfish, respectively. All things eventually come full circle as many styles from the ’80s and ’90s have made their way back into circulation, making it easy and exciting to recreate them today.