These Fashion Trends Of The Past Made No Sense

Whether you’re not-so-fashion-savvy or a stylist to the stars, we can all agree that these fashion trends were ridiculous. From bottle-green garments dyed with arsenic to dresses that contributed to a deadly influenza outbreak, these fashion trends of the past truly made no sense. After reading this, we’re pretty sure you’ll all be thankful that these clothes and accessories are in the past! Let’s all share a laugh (or a cringe), shall we?

You won’t believe which accessory was linked to syphilis!

Walking Was Impossible In Hobble Skirts

Walking Was Impossible In Hobble Skirts

Photo: Getty Images

The hobble skirt debuted in the 1910s by French designer, Paul Poiret, who was dubbed “The King of Fashion in America.” Thankfully, this notion didn’t stick. These long, close-fitting skirts were quite the nuisance, forcing women (who unfortunately didn’t feel they had much of a choice in those days) who wore them to take tiny steps, leaving no room for any moving of the legs.

This style, at the time, was known for “liberating” women (hmmm, sure) from those heavy petticoats and compressing corsets. Poiret stated, “Yes, I freed the bust. But I shackled the legs.