Festivals Every Music Enthusiast Needs to Attend at Least Once

Glastonbury Remains The UK’s Biggest and Favorite Festival


Photo Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Glastonbury Music Festival is the UK’s biggest music event, drawing more than 175,000 music lovers each year. Sunday Times critic AA Gill comments that Glastonbury is a “great big joyous cosmic bendy neon rainbow fruit-gum chum with medieval plumbing” — if that description doesn’t make you want to attend then we don’t know what to tell you.

The festival takes place over five days in a large field near Pilton, Somerset, England in June. Glastonbury is more than a music festival too, also welcoming dancers, comedians, theatrical acts, circus performers, and other artists. First held in 1970, Glastonbury was held inconsistently until 1981. But since then, it has been held every year except for a few “fallow” years which happen once every five years to give the grounds, locals, and festival organizers a break.