Festivals Every Music Enthusiast Needs to Attend at Least Once

Dirty, exhausted, and totally exhilarated as their favorite band blankets the crowd with music. This is a music festival-lover’s nirvana. People wait anxiously to experience moments like this all year until their favorite music festivals open their gates once again. While music festivals may not be for everyone, for some people, they’re everything. But when there are so many great music festivals out there to experience, how do you narrow down your list? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of music festivals around the world that shouldn’t be skipped by any music festival connoisseur. Enjoy.

San Diego’s own festival is coming up faster than you know!

Austin City Limits Is Held in the Live Music Capital of the World


Photo Credit: Instagram / aclfestival

Austin, Texas is considered to be the live music capital of the United States — so it only makes sense that they would host one of the most impressive music festivals in the world. Austin City Limits is produced by C3 Presents and occurs annually for two consecutive three-day weekends.

Since its inception in 2002, it’s typically been held at the beginning of October, as not to be lost in the commotion of “festival season” in the spring and summer. The festival has eight stages and is known for the variety of genres that play throughout the weekend. There are a slew of local food and drink vendors, activities for attendees, and even a kid area for families. An overheard quote during the festival from a wife to her husband was “Will you put your beer down and hold this while I change the diaper?” Keep Austin weird is right!