Celebrity Icons Flaunt Their Fourth Of July Style

Celebrities aren’t the talk of the town for no reason. They’re beautiful, successful, and uber talented. Many of these icons also have a great sense of style and connections with the best designers in the fashion industry. When the Fourth of July hits, stars enjoy showing off. Independence Day is one of the most popular American holidays to celebrate, and we’re all expected to wear something festive You are sure to change your mind about an outfit once you see how someone like Beyoncé pulls it off. Here are some celebrity Fourth of July styles that are worth a second look.

Queen Bey At It Again

It’s hard not to sound biased when talking about Beyoncé. That’s because virtually everything she does, she does well. The dancing, the singing, being a cool mom, and her outfits are always on point. This subtle look is not any different.

She’s sporting a basic U neck shirt with denim cut-off shorts. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she decides to add some flavor with a patterned button-up tied around her waist. And to top it off, the stonewash denim jacket blends well. The flag in the background reminds you what day it is.

Kimmel Loves Expressing Himself


Jimmy Kimmel seems like a simple man. A late-night talk show host who loathes the current leader of the free world has the best sense of humor. That changes when it comes to the Fourth of July. This is the holiday which allows Kimmel to show his true colors: red, white, and blue.

Kimmel captioned this photo, “Why do I get voted best-dressed year after year? I don’t know folks, but I do know that independence can be expressed in many ways – and this is our day to do it #Happy4th.”

Witherspoon’s Pup Gets In On The Action


Who says getting in the holiday spirit is strictly for humans? Dogs like to have fun too! Just ask Toast, the world’s first dog supermodel, and an anti-puppy mill advocate. One of the cutest pups you’ve probably ever seen.

With his tongue out, Toast is ready to conquer the Fourth with his adorable star-spangled outfit. He even has the hat to match. As far as we’re concerned, Toast can do no wrong.

Bell In Jammies


What’s better than celebrating the Fourth of July with a loved one? Celebrating the Fourth of July with a loved one wearing pajamas. Here’s Kristen Bell in a onesie as she is scooped up by her husband, actor Dax Shepard.

Both are wearing some form of patriotic sleeping garments, and appear to be living their best life. And by chance it became too hot, the mini-pool was ready for use over on the side. Do you think they fell asleep and woke up in that?

Miguel Stuns In White

Singer-songwriter Miguel knows how to rock all-white. Here he’s performing his set at the Philly 4th of July Jam. His style can’t be pulled off by everyone, but he lays down the blueprint with this outfit.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

It’s fashionable for a night out on the town and also convenient enough to perform in. The overcoat is what takes the outfit over the top. Without it, he would just be wearing a white shirt with white pants.

Ariana’s Fancy Dress

Pop star Ariana Grande has other things to worry about than to be concerned with critics of her fashion. We’re here to praise her expressive yet straightforward Fourth of July outfit.

A pure white top and an American flag designed dress. For someone with such a high falsetto, Grande isn’t one to make her outfits that loud. Up next is someone who kept it simpler than this.

Can Oprah Do Wrong?


On this day, Oprah wrote that she had a “4th feast.” You know that your meal is exceptionally well-prepared whenever you get a picture with the chef. In this photo, everyone’s all smiles, and Oprah is in the middle of it with her easy Fourth of July outfit.

No red stripes here. Oprah trades the red with black and calls it a day. The flag in the corner is a nice touch in case fans thought her outfit wasn’t festive enough.

The Brothers Put The Flag On Their Back

It looks like these Jonas brothers have it all. Great voices, millions of fans, and they aren’t afraid to show off their holiday spirit. Nick and Joe Jonas both are donning American flag styled zip-up hoodies.

If you’re out of ideas for what to wear for the Fourth, don’t be afraid to pull this move. Going to the mall and finding whatever piece of clothing that resembles the flag. Good thinking, boys.

Sheeran Is Caring


When Taylor Swift hosts an epic Fourth of July party, that means you’re in for a good time. A party she’s been hosting annually, it includes a long list of superstars, and they celebrate like best friends at a house party.

Calvin Harris, Miley Cyrus, and Gigi Hadid have all been special guests to the party. But who could forget this legendary outfit from Ed Sheeran? Sheeran chose to show up in a red coat, and Swift loved it.

The Happy Couple

If you keep up with Chrissy Teigen, then you know she is going to do what she wants. And if all things go to plan, she’ll get her hubby John Legend to follow suit. These two don’t have a hint of a red or blue color present.

Still, they pull it off. The summery colors are just enough for any Fourth of July celebration. As long as you put in an effort and don’t show up in Halloween colors, then you’re fine.

Lupita Soaking Up Some Sun


As if she wasn’t hot enough as Nakia in Black Panther, Lupita Nyong’o always serves up some fabulous looks. The talented actress is here soaking up the sun rays without a care in the world.

She posted this on Instagram with the caption, “Fourth #TotallyCandidPhoto.” It looks like she has a similar style to Oprah. Switching the color stripes with just black and white. She isn’t from America, but she celebrates the holiday well.

Ayesha Slays On A Yacht


Maybe it’s the windbreaker or perhaps the lovely scenery that makes Ayesha Curry’s outfit sensational. She compliments her red, white, and blue ensemble with the green reflective sunglasses. She’s for sure cooking up more than just food in this outfit.

Not everyone can pull off the jacket over bikini look, but like her husband Steph, she makes it look easy. If this doesn’t inspire a future look for you then perhaps this next person will.

Miley Brings The Patriotism


Sure, if you wish to show how much you love America, you can get decked out as Miley Cyrus did here. The outspoken and outgoing Cyrus didn’t hold any punches with this outfit. The spirited top and bottoms wouldn’t stand out as much if it weren’t for the accessories.

She’s got the whole flag in the background, the blow-up Uncle Sam standing next to her, and all of the red, white, and blue accessories. She got her point across with this ensemble.

Vanessa In Denim

First, we showcased the lovely Beyoncé rocking the denim jacket, but now its Vanessa Hudgens’ turn. The former Disney star is seen standing somewhere in South West America. As she poses in front of this vast desert, she’s all smiles and for a good reason.

She’s rocking a one piece with jeans, while the slightly oversized denim jacket keeps her warm. As we said, we don’t know exactly where she is for this, but it looks like a fantastic place to celebrate our country.

Kim Is Decked Out


Before she became Kanye West’s personal model, Kim Kardashian was always into a good theme. Now that she mainly champions the low-key aesthetics, you’d be hardpressed finding her getting into the spirit this much. That is unless Kanye designs some Fourth of July attire for her.

Here she’s got on everything American including a trucker hat. Head into her closet now, and you probably won’t see this style anymore. At least we have the memories.

Kourtney Keeps It Simple


This outfit is the complete opposite of her sister’s look. Where Kim packed all the American flag designs, Kourtney Kardashian lacks. A simple white shirt and jean shorts can get the job done as you seen earlier.

The thing that makes this patriotic is the little flag in her hand. And if you look close enough, she also has on red, white, and blue cat ears. Sometimes less is more, and this is the proof behind that statement.

Bieber In Stripes

Justin Bieber subtly showed his holiday spirit. The simple red, white, and blue striped pullover along with the distressed jeans could pass for an everyday outfit. We’ve seen Bieber in some unconventional styles before, so this was a nice change of pace.

He compliments the outfit with a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream Whites (he loves sporting the Yeezy sneakers). Overall, The Biebs provided a quiet yet fashionable Fourth of July outfit.

Beckham Gets Posh


As a member of one of the greatest former girl groups, Victoria Beckham adds an interesting twist to the American colors. While she may not be an American citizen, Beckham and her husband grace our homeland with their presence often, and we always scope what she’s wearing.

For the Fourth, the fashion designer flipped the switch and lightened up the original blue with her aqua blue pants. She added in the cherry red top that brings life to the outfit. And to top things off, Beckham gives the outfit a tailored menswear spin. She shows that you don’t have to always sport a bikini on the Fourth.

Millie Bobby Brown Just Floating Around


Millie Bobby Brown has turned into something like an icon. Playing Eleven on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things thrust Brown right into the spotlight. And although she isn’t from the USA, that doesn’t mean she’s opposed to celebrating like an American.

Rocking a powder blue one-piece swimsuit, Brown casually floats along on a comfortable looking turtle. We may not all be as cool as her, but at least we can dream.

Nicki Flaunts, You Watch

Nicki Minaj strikes again. While she’s known for her eccentric personality, her outfits are even better. The Pink Friday rapper wasn’t taking any prisoners with this Fourth of July outfit.

With only three articles of clothing, it appears (heels, leggings, and bandeau) that’s all she needs that to make people take a second look. The outfit is also versatile. She can wear it to the BBQ at the beach, or she can jump on stage and start performing.