Celebrity Icons Flaunt Their Fourth Of July Style

Celebrities aren’t the talk of the town for no reason. They’re beautiful, successful, and uber talented. Many of these icons also have a great sense of style and connections with the best designers in the fashion industry. When the Fourth of July hits, stars enjoy showing off. Independence Day is one of the most popular American holidays to celebrate, and we’re all expected to wear something festive You are sure to change your mind about an outfit once you see how someone like BeyoncĂ© pulls it off. Here are some celebrity Fourth of July styles that are worth a second look.

Queen Bey At It Again

It’s hard not to sound biased when talking about BeyoncĂ©. That’s because virtually everything she does, she does well. The dancing, the singing, being a cool mom, and her outfits are always on point. This subtle look is not any different.

She’s sporting a basic U neck shirt with denim cut-off shorts. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she decides to add some flavor with a patterned button-up tied around her waist. And to top it off, the stonewash denim jacket blends well. The flag in the background reminds you what day it is.