Get Weird: Desert Hearts 2018 A Success

I recently attended my first ever Desert Hearts... and all I can say is – it’s a beautiful blur.  For as many festivals as I go to, you would think I’d be a Desert Hearts aficionado, so I was excited to jump in and lose my festival virginity to this one.  The transformative event (held off-the-grid at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in the low desert of Southern California) is a must attend festival that feels like a small solo stage slice of Black Rock City’s Burning Man.  I was lucky because they were celebrating their 10th anniversary… and the party was non stop for literally 100 hours!

Known for its intimacy, Desert Hearts is a place where house and techno surge through the air, the dance floor is where everyone can be wild and free, and the festival style is mind-bogglingly creative.  The single-stage dance floor was a psychedelic tapestry of festival-goers adorned in sequins, silk, velvet, fur and feather that danced in kaleidoscopic harmony.  It was truly an immersive experience designed by artists and musicians who were looking to birth and sustain a society that values acceptance, creativity, and passion.

Founded by eccentric house and techno connoisseurs Mikey Leon (Mikey Lion), David Leon (Porky), Matt Marabella (Marbs) and Lee Reynolds, the Desert Hearts family continues to propagate, one fantastic trip at a time.  It has definitely become one of the most talked-about boutique festivals in the scene… and I already can’t wait for the next one!