Amazing Co-Working Spaces For Women

When it comes to working in an office, toxic, stuffy environments probably come to mind. But like anything in life, it takes just the right amount of creative energy and girl power to make anything pop and come to life! Gone are the days of boring, lifeless cubicles. Say hello to lively, colorful work spaces geared towards women that are sure to boost productivity and enhance a more balanced, healthy lifestyle for all women involved. Whether you’re in need of a breastfeeding room or a day care service, or just a place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day, these amazing co-working spaces are here to save the day!

The Hivery

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Photo: The Hivery/Facebook

The Hivery’s founder, Grace Kraaijvanger, opened this gorgeous space in Mill Valley, California, after spending time working from home and feeling isolated. She needed a collaborative environment where women could thrive and feel supported. Originally intended to be a dance studio, The Hivery was born as a much bigger plan with women’s well-being at the forefront of the initial idea.

The Riveter

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Photo: The Riveter/Facebook

Who says freelance and entrepreneurship have to be solitary? Unless you like that sort of thing. Enter Seattle’s The Riveter – a female-forward platform dedicated to friendly networking and support from like-minded women in the community.

In the Summer of 2018, The Riveter will be expanding to a new location in Los Angeles! Perks include a fitness studio, a meditation room, childcare solutions, a kitchen and even a concierge.

Hera Hub

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Photo: Hera Hub/Facebook/D.C.

Hera Hub is a blessing to those who tend to get stressed out a lot. Bringing a spa-like environment to the workplace, Hera Hub specializes in keeping you relaxed so you’re more productive. Sounds good to us! The spaces were designed with the five senses in mind with aromatic candles, soft music, and tranquil water features.

Member perks are pretty awesome too. They get exclusive networking opportunities, weekly workshops, and monthly social events.

The Wing

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Based in New York City, The Wing can best be described as a workspace and a social club for women. Why not take care of yourself as you’re taking care of business? At The Wing, you really can have it all!

Amenities include showers, hair services, makeup on demand and a lactation room. Needless to say but, count us in!

Rise Collaborative Workspace

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Photo: Rise Collaborative Workspace/Facebook

Rise Collaborative Workspace, based in St. Louis, targets not only today’s working women but the future leaders of tomorrow as well. Offering special memberships for teen girls to complete their academic work alongside professional women, Rise Collaborative Workspace is a top contender for one of the best places to thrive as a young woman. Teens can also take advantage of mentorships and internships.

The site includes 11 private offices, one large classroom, three conference rooms and over 3,000 square feet of flexible workstations and collaboration space. Why didn’t they have stuff like this years ago?!

Paper Dolls

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Located in Los Angeles, Paper Dolls began as a series of carefully curated dinner parties but later expanded into something much bigger: a co-working community for female professionals. While their members may vary in industry, they all share one common belief that women go further when they work together.

Paper Dolls hope to open more locations and offer workspaces members can choose what works best for them – dropping in on a daily basis, reserving a dedicated desk for the month or snagging a private office.

SheWorks Collective

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Located in New York City, SheWorks Collective provides a modern, airy loft space with tons of natural light for an intimate group of about 18 who can choose to rent a flex desk or reserve a private workstation. Founded in 2015, SheWorks Collective is NYC’s first community-based co-working and event space for women.

Offering members opportunities to network and find inspiration from other like-minded women, SheWorks also offers seminars and workshops that delve deep into career growth, entrepreneurship, and most importantly, self-care!

Whetstone Workgroup

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Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Whetstone Workgroup is a godsend for working moms. Founded by Jessica Strong, Whetstone was initially intended to be catered to moms and dads, but after realizing that women often are the ones to leave the workforce to be home with the kids, Whetstone was established.

It helps that one of the benefits is having a drop-in daycare on the premises! Whetstone specializes in being a space for freelancers, with a variety of workspaces at hand including a communal table and standing desks.

Play, Work or Dash

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Play, Work or Dash – based in Vienna, VA – want you to bring your kids to work. Specializing in in-house daycare while you go do your thing, needless to say, Play, Work or Dash is exactly what working women have needed for years!

Perks include educational workshops, networking events, a rentable conference room, parents night out events, & more!


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Mammoth Mountain may be recognized as a top ski resort of California, but it’s also a great place to get away to do work. Sounds intriguing, right? Fort offers a tranquil space among the trees and lakes to clear your head, along with a space to gather your group for some strategic planning in a less stress-filled environment.

Fort proves that the more you play, the better you work. I think we’re ready to sign up now!

The AllBright

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Photo: The Allbright. Photography: Tina Hillier, courtesy of No.12

Located in London, The AllBright was named after former US secretary, Madeleine Albright, who famously said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” The AllBright is a less formal co-working space and more of a place to network, host meetings, and collaborate.

It is set in a five-story Georgian townhouse that also offers meditation, rooms for relaxation, and therapeutic treatments. Let’s hope this one makes its way to the US very soon!

Make Lemonade

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Photo: Make Lemonade

Based in Toronto, Make Lemonade is too adorable for words! The most design-savvy of female co-working spaces in Toronto, Make Lemonade is the brainchild of freelancer Rachel Kelly, who came upon the idea for the space after growing frustrated with working from coffee shops. Oh, the struggle is real!

The 3,000 sq ft-space, is a hub of imagination and creativity. They welcome male visitors but only if they relate to the space’s feminist values.

We Heart Mondays


Photo: We Heart Mondays

Hard for you to say that you love Mondays? We Heart Mondays in London might change your outlook. The hub is set inside a minimalist DIY space in East London that caters primarily to women in creative industries.

Members include journalists, public relations associates, and influencers. The space also moonlights as an event hire space.


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We’re sure you’ve seen these spaces pop up all over your city. WeWork offers some great amenities for those looking to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for a collaborate environment, or just a space to concentrate, WeWork has it all.

Perks include super-fast internet, coffee, craft beer on draft, 24/7 building access, daily cleaning, professional and social events, bike storage, and more.


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Located in Chicago, evolveHer is a 5,000 square foot loft that empowers you to think boldly while you work. They offer a shared workspace, conference rooms, private phone booths, event space, and most importantly – a strong community. They also provide childcare on a daily basis.

Designed to inspire all creative women who walk through their doors, evolveHer strives to understand the needs and challenges women face, both professionally and personally.

The Farm

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Photo: The Farm, Soho/Facebook

Located in Soho in New York City, The Farm found its purpose in providing for the needs of a community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Farm longs for you to call it your home away from home, and with comforting amenities like premium coffee and tea, pet-friendly, killer location, conference rooms, and more, who wouldn’t feel like family?

The Fueled Collective

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Photo: Fueled/Facebook

The Fueled is home to over 30 of the most exciting startups (Thrillist, ZocDoc, Foursquare) in New York City. They’re also big fans of plush leather couches, conference rooms, popcorn machines, year-round ice cream, snack bars, and ping pong tournaments. Count us in!

The Fueled Collective is an exciting and inspiring place to grow your business with the help and expertise of those already in the game at your fingertips to offer tips and support. Plus, who can turn down all those snacks?

Friends Work Here

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Brooklyn-based Friends Work Here is the work home of filmmakers, designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, developers, and more. With a beautiful open-space, the hub offers a lounge, a conference room, whiteboards, 30 workstations, phone booths, and lunch tables.

Their mission is to harbor friendships with like-minded creatives. Friends Work Here is a habitat for doers and kind souls who are ready to grow their businesses.

Brooklyn Desks

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Photo: Brooklyn Desks/Instagram

Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn Desks is revolutionizing work life. With so many people avoiding the pains of a nine-to-five, this space is dedicated to giving you the freedom to work like a professional on your schedule.

Their 9,000 square-foot space offers both communal work areas and private offices and is geared towards freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, event planners, business travelers, and students.


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Photo: GirlSpace

GirlSpace is a boutique co-working space designed for the modern woman entrepreneur defining success at their own pace. GirlSpace is still in the works, but with your help, you can get its doors open by January 1, 2019. We can get down with that!

Their core value is believing in the expansiveness of what women can create. By enforcing kindness and inclusiveness, GirlSpace honors all women and supports those who may feel incapable, helping them rise to the top. There is also daycare included in your package.