20 Instagram-Worthy Looks to Try This Summer

The seasons have officially changed. The sweaters and jackets are tucked away, school is nearly out for summer, and all your fave network shows are going on hiatus. That means we’ll all have plenty of extra time on our hands and a big, fat desire to reinvent ourselves so we don’t look like drowned rats on a hot, humid day. So, if you’re wracking your brain and cruising Pinterest boards desperate for a new vibe to rock both IRL and on social media, here are 20 Instagram-worthy looks to embrace this summer. We promise you’ll get all the double taps and emoji comments your heart desires!

Pastel Eyeshadow


Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

We’re all living in a post-Easter world right now. Yes, it means your fave Cadbury candy treats are off the shelves for another year and the confusing combination of bunnies and eggs have disappeared. But you know what you don’t have to say goodbye to? Those fabulous Spring/Easter pastels!

Take a tip from the ever-so glamourous Mandy Moore and try your hand at a pastel eyeshadow. You’ll look dainty, fresh, and the perfect combination of soft tones and feminine fancy. Just be sure to snap your selfie before diving into Mandy’s show This is Us or you’ll be crying pastel tears.

Cat Eye Liner


Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Are you and your gal pals planning a world-class night on the town? While browsing through your wardrobe, you might be facing the age-old summer dilemma… do you rock a short dress and suffer the wrath of mosquitoes or do you sweat it out in long sleeves and long pants so you don’t spend days itching bites?

Instead of worrying about your threads, put all the focus on your fierce makeup job and you’re guaranteed a night of perfection. The cat eye is bold, sassy, and draws all the attention to the right place – your peepers! Plus, if it works for the totally gorgeous Mila Kunis, it’ll work for your IG account, amirite?

High Pony Tail


Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Huffington Post

When was the last time you truly rocked a high ponytail? And no, I’m not talking about your last trip to the gym, that hiking trip you took with your family, or that one night you had last minute plans so you threw your locks into a top-knot. At this year’s Met Gala, Kim Kardashian brought the heat with a pristine high ponytail. It looked chic as hell!

So, bust out your favorite brush, hair products galore, and maybe a straightener and gather your strands into the perfect high pony. The likes of Ariana Grande will give you a knowing nod of approval when you post your glamour shot online.

Pink Hair

Pink Hair

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Are you rolling your eyes at your hair’s drab color these days? Well, summer is the perfect time to get feisty with it. While your heart may be screaming platinum blonde, think bigger and weirder and cooler! How about pink? Yeah, we said it. Pink hair isn’t just for goths and punks killing the alternative lifestyle. Pink is for pretty, fabulous, and chic ladies too!

Hailey Baldwin has been killing red carpets and photoshoots with her pink locks. If this hair color is good enough for the Met Gala, and her adorable date, Shawn Mendes, it’s certainly good enough for your day to day and your Instagram feed!.

Bold Eyebrow

Bold Eyebrow

Photo by Foc Kan/FilmMagic

Do you have a special relationship with your tweezers? Are you that gal with the magnifying mirror that’s trying to keep your brows extra tight through every season? Well, drop that mirror off at Goodwill and let your brows do some growing this summer. A bold, bushy eyebrow is officially mainstream, ya’ll! Seriously… the thicker the better!

Just look at Emilia Clarke on the red carpet for the upcoming Stars Wars’ flick, Solo. Her glam look wouldn’t be half as fab without those amazing brows. OK, maybe we’re exaggerating. She is a total beauty no matter what. But the eyebrows help, so don’t be afraid to let yours shine!

Pink Lip Color


Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

When you think of summer, does Barbie come to mind? Come on now, it can’t just be us! Growing up, Barbie always had summer sun fashion on lock. Yes, she had her dream home, but she also had a convertible and a pink mobile home and bathing suits galore. When you’re ready to channel you’re inner Barbie and her signature neon pink color, go all out!

Just look at Alicia Silverstone! Obviously, she was a fashion icon after Clueless, but she still brings her A-game to every red carpet. A bright pink lipstick, paired with a matching bright pink ensemble screams summertime perfection. Hop into a friend’s convertible and let the Instagram photoshoot of your dreams commence.

Head Piece


Photo by Jackson Lee/Getty Images

If we learned anything from the Met Gala this year, it was headpieces are everything. In fact, we totally feel Chrissy Teigen’s pain. She was pissed she missed the year that was all about wearing “head [expletive].” Embrace that dream today, tomorrow, and every moment of summer.

Whether it’s headbands, bandanas, scarves, or absurd metal tiaras and sculptures that make you look like an angel, headpieces are the perfect way to stage a killed IG pic and to wow the masses. And if any of your friends are like… “WTF?” just have this photo of Blake Lively handy. She looks like GD royalty and so can you!

Bold Nail Art


Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes, keeping it 100 in the fashion department is a serious struggle. I mean, your closet and clothing budget can only stretch so far. Besides, there are extraneous factors, like laundry day or the fact that sometimes creating a meticulous ensemble that puts fashion bloggers to shame is exhausting.

When you need to distract from the fact that you have a favorite pair of cut-offs and you intend on wearing them every single day, draw attention to your totally unique and splendid nails instead. Get jiggy with your nail art game and you’ll always look like a fashion week rockstar.

Gucci Casual Wear

Gucci Casual Wear

Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Expensive handbags and ultra-chic designer outfits (we’re looking at you, Victoria Beckham) naturally scream things like… rich, bougie, and expendable income. But you know what really takes the cake? Designer t-shirts and loungewear. For serious.

Maybe you can’t afford a Birkin bag and head-to-toe Prada, but I bet you can bust open your piggy bank and snag a Gucci t-shirt. It’s the perfect Instagram accessory. Plus, your adoring public doesn’t know you had to work double shifts for that extra swagger. Instead, they’ll be like… OMG she must be killing it if even her t-shirts are Gucci!!

Glitter Shadow

Glitter Shadow

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Before summer sets in, we all have incredibly high expectations. We’re going to sip frozen margaritas poolside on the regular. We’re going to meet a sexy man at a beach bonfire. Oh, and naturally, every evening walk with our dogs will be followed by fireworks displays and ice cream sundaes.

In reality, a major chunk of summer is spent doing absolutely nothing and sitting on the couch inside because it’s too GD hot to exist. So if you’re trying to emerge after three straight days of Netflix and chill, spice up your look and tell the team you’re living your best summer life with a pop of glitter eyeshadow. Because people who wear glitter are always having the most fun!

Bright, Monochrome Colors

Bright, Monochrome Colors

Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, stop everything and hit play. It will blow your mind. And while it wasn’t exactly the crux of the docudrama, you’ll instantly fall in love with monochrome outfits. While the followers in Wild Wild Country stuck to a red/purple palette, build on this monochrome vibe by choosing a bright signature color and going all out with it.

It’s an instant statement piece that looks cool and photographs incredibly well. Plus, mixing and matching outfits is truly a breeze when your entire wardrobe is yellow!

Statement Sunglasses

Statement Sunglasses

Photo by Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

Every summer, sunglasses become your most important accessory. If you forget them at home, every moment outside is miserable and you might as well give up driving your car altogether until nightfall. Since your sunnies are such a prominent part of your overall summertime aesthetic, try veering away from a classic aviator or wayfarer.

Instead, get wild and invest in a pair of statement sunglasses, complete with giant lenses and outrageous adornments. Avoid breaking the bank by getting crafty with it. Buy some basic sunglasses on the cheap and bedazzle them yourself with a hot glue gun and craft store trinkets. You won’t be sorry and your Instagram followers will be begging for tips on how to recreate your look.

Hot New Printed Bathing Suits


Photo: Getty Images

Is your calendar stacked with pool hangs, beach trips, and dates with a lounge chair to achieve the perfect tan? If the answer is yes, please please wear sunscreen and protect your precious skin. And most importantly, invest in a killer swimsuit that’s the total opposite of basic. We’re sure that all black one piece is calling to you for that family vacation with Grandma and that olive green high-waisted two-piece is perfect for repeat visits to the local pool, but what about your inner Spice Girl?

You know. That little part inside of you that wants a little attention and a little… “damn where’d you get that crazy bathing getup?” When you want the world to be envious of your summer lifestyle, pick a bright printed suit that makes you want to party, sun baby style.

Sleek Center Part

Sleek Center Part

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Best Buddies International

Let’s be honest for a minute. Having long hair isn’t ideal for the summer. All those locks rubbing up on your neck are a recipe for constant sweating and eventual overheating. Vanessa Hudgens, Queen of Coachella and outdoor festivals, in general, knows exactly what we are talking about.

So, take a tip from this fashion-forward powerhouse and find some fancy updos that will keep you cool without sacrificing style. Instead of top knots and pigtails, give yourself a sleek center part and a low bun. The end result is sophisticated and most importantly, weather appropriate!

Matte Finish Makeup

Matte Finish Makeup

Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Between the sun exposure, the sweating, the sunscreen, and ultimately, the aloe vera to treat excessive sun exposure, your summer skin can be… problematic. But nobody needs to know your business! Put your best foot forward on social media by testing the waters with matte finish makeup.

A matte lip color, earth tone eye makeup, and the elimination of shine can make you look positively gorgeous as if you’re immune to the season’s struggles. It works wonders for Khloe Kardashian, and her sister Kim’s makeup line is stocked with matte lip colors that’ll make you swoon.

Big Tassel Earrings


Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Imagine it’s August. At this point, the humidity is so strong it’s laughable and the temperatures are in the triple digits. Honestly, making a plan to be outdoors is a true feat, nay a demonstration of your superhuman powers. A true lady has to be prepared for the elements, and of course, that means getting that hair up off the neck and wearing as little clothing as possible without causing a scene.

When you’re down to zero hair products, shorts, and a tank top, spice up your look with cool earrings! Try a tassel or something a little more outrageous than your normal hoops.



Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Beatycon

When we talk about the first world problem that is long hair on a summer day we are certainly not beating a dead horse. We’re just reflecting on a situation that affects so many people and in extreme situations, results in an impulsive haircut that we live to regret. After two days of high ponytails, a center part low bun situation, and more top knots than you even care to admit, take a beat and hop on YouTube to find yourself a braid tutorial.

Whether it’s a simple braided ponytail or milkmaid vibes, knowing how to French braid your hair might be just enough to put down the scissors and let your long locks survive the season.

Bronzer & Perfect Blush


Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

If 2018 was defined by just two words, it would ROYAL WEDDING. Leading up to the big day, we’re essentially living for news from the palace. Is Megan Markle’s dad going to walk her down the aisle? Why was her half-sister who isn’t even invited to the wedding in a car accident caused by Paparazzi? What on earth is Megan’s wedding gown going to look like?

It’s history in the making, for sure. If all your burning questions are just leading to more and more questions, take a break and reflect on Ms. Markle through the years. She won Prince Harry’s heart and who knows, maybe we’ll all find a prince charming by mimicking her perfect bronzer-blush-glow. Hit the makeup counter with this photo in hand and try to recreate the glory.

Pink Eye Shadow Raccoon Eye

Pink Eye Shadow Raccoon Eye

Photo by Anthony Harvey/FilmMagic

Pink tones aren’t just for lips… and hair… and blush. Nope, pink is the universal color for stunners worldwide, or so we’ve decided. Take Kristen Stewart, for example. We’ve been loving all her looks at the Cannes Film Festival, especially the photographs of her giving the middle finger to her uncomfortable heels and walking the red carpet barefoot.

But, this dynamic lady has been a true trendsetter for years, from her sleek fashion choices to her DGAF attitude. Now, we’re obsessed with this pink eyeshadow look. It’s eyelid and under eye dramatic, in the best kind of way. We promise, if you master this look with the right pink eyeshadow, you’ll look like a star and not a curious raccoon.



Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

OK, so when you think about getting a perm, a certain smell and poodle-like finished product come to mind. But, that my friend, was the ’80s. These days, perms are back in a big way! Better still, the process is milder, less damaging, and a little less stinky. If you’re giving your computer screen a suspicious look right now, feast your eyes on the oh-so-darling Emma Stone.

She embraced the perm reboot and the end result was total Hollywood glam! When summer is getting you down, schedule a perm and turn the entire process, from start to finish an Instagram story. Your followers will thank you and then copy you.