You Haven’t Seen Anything Until You See The Most Lavish Celebrity Birthday Bashes

Celebrities tend to throw unbelievable and expensive birthday parties. Like the time Simon Cowell spent a cool $1.6 million on his 50th birthday. But Cowell and other stars put the work in, and deserve to live it up on their birthdays. These birthday parties are as lavish as they get- you won’t believe how much Justin Bieber was paid to make an appearance at his own birthday party!

A Very Curry 30

curry 30 kevindurant.jpg

kevindurant / Instagram

From Steve Kerr’s awkward dancing to Steph Curry eating ribs on stage while E-40 performs, Curry had an amazing 30th birthday. The surprise party was dripping with video worthy events like Curry pulling up on a yacht and Paramore singing him happy birthday.

The party was so epic that the Warriors had to cancel practice the next day due to everyone being in recovery mode. How often do you think a coach will let his championship team get away with that? Well when Curry is your name, you have a little extra time to goof around.