Your Favorite Celebrities As Classic Works of Art

We already know our favorite celebs aren’t lacking in the looks department, but seeing them as old-fashioned paintings truly takes things to the next level. The now-defunct Worth1000, a website that held creative contests, asked artists to incorporate celebrities into classic paintings — and the results are nothing short of awesome. These modern twists on classics make us see our favorite A-listers in a completely different light. But what we love most about these is that if you didn’t know they were celebrities, you might just think these were original works of art! Take a look at some of the world’s most famous celebrities transformed into classic works of art. Office fans definitely won’t want to miss Steve Carell!

Anne Hathaway


The beautiful Anne Hathaway has transformed herself for a variety of roles over the course of her career. She was the unlikely princess who had arguably one of the most memorable makeovers ever in The Princess Diaries. She was the despairing prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables. And who could forget when she went from geek to chic in The Devil Wears Prada? Now, the rosy-cheeked talent is a pretty striking piece of art. Dusky pinks and pale pastel colors perfectly compliment her porcelain skin while she looks at the viewer as if to say, “Yes, my films have earned $6.4 billion dollars worldwide. And what?”

Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson has one of the most recognizable faces in all of Hollywood. The Witches of Eastwick star has stolen our hearts not just for his acting talents but for his IDGAF attitude. Jack’s personality is perfectly captured in this hilarious portrait where he’s dressed sharper than he usually appears on the red carpet. The pose is perfect too as it really shows off his bad boy persona, with a jaunty point and signature smile that oozes Nicholson confidence. If it was up for auction, we’d buy it. Wouldn’t you? Our favorite part — the perfectly coiffed hair and that beautifully wide-rimmed hat.

Natalie Portman


Scarlett Johansson starred in the 2003 romantic drama Girl with a Pearl Earring based on the famous painting by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. However, this time Natalie Portman’s face is superimposed on the 1665 work of art. We have to say, it sort of works. Portman has the kind of angular face and killer cheekbones that artist’s dream about, so it’s not really that odd that she blends so naturally into a classical painting. Yes, the outfit may be a little much and it’s unlikely that she’ll ever wear anything like that to the Oscars, but as far as made-up oil paintings go, this one is okay by us.

Hugh Laurie


Before Hugh Laurie was playing the bad-tempered, ill-mannered (but lovable) Dr. House, he was wearing period costumes for the British time-traveling comedy series, Blackadder. It suited him then, and it suits him now. Donned in a jacket, intent on writing an undoubtedly important letter with a quill, Laurie gives everyone a lesson in how to rock a five o’clock shadow in a portrait. If he doesn’t have this commissioned and hung in his home, then we’ll eat our slightly more modern hats. What’s that book he’s leaning on, an encyclopedia of mysterious diseases?

Drew Barrymore


What’s better than Drew Barrymore as a living zombie in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet? Drew Barrymore as a glowing maiden, carrying a dead bird over her shoulder of course! Drew has always looked slightly cherubic. Think back to her days in E.T — she was the epitome of round-cheeked cuteness. It definitely translates well into her venture into the world of art, doesn’t it? A knowing look over her shoulder at the viewer draws you in. We’re quite sold on this one, but with that glint in her eye, we find it hard to believe she’s Never Been Kissed.

Steve Carell


Steve Carell is best known for his roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and the oh so lovable Michael Scott in The Office. In addition to his acting skills, we have to admit that the star makes a mean work of art too. In this piece, his slightly bemused face oddly suits his gentlemanly figure. Looking off into the distance, this is the kind of portrait that Michelangelo himself would surely have been proud of, don’t you think? We dig it more than we ever thought we would, even though it’s hard to suspend our imaginations long enough to believe that Michael Scott could ever sit straight-faced long enough to be the real subject.

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has hit headlines several times over the course of her career, mainly for her failed marriages. It just seems like Jen can’t catch a break – but should she ever give up on acting, then she could probably make a bomb sitting for portraits. The subtle tones of the work perfectly match that classic Aniston coloring. Don’t even get us started on those eyes. Ever get that feeling in a gallery that a painting is following you? Don’t worry, it’s probably just this portrait of Jen.

Michael Jackson


There are fewer legends more iconic than the late, great King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Throughout his life, he was often ridiculed for his ever-changing appearance. If you compare a young MJ to a 50-year-old MJ, the two are as different as chalk and cheese. Despite his plastic surgery, one thing remained consistent throughout Jackson’s life — his ability to churn out incredible music for the masses. This particular portrait looks like the kind you’d find in the Palace of Versailles. The King of Pop taking his rightful place among royalty. What do you think?

Owen Wilson


Owen Wilson may not look like the kind of guy that inspires paintings, but he cuts a pretty formidable figure as an admiral. He looks so credible in fact, that we think he could look right at home in the National Gallery, or even the Louvre. Who needs Mona Lisa when you’ve got Owen Wilson? They better get ready and put some security detail on this beauty. The tourists will be lining up to take selfies with Admiral Wilson in next to no time.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson has grown up considerably since her Harry Potter days, leaving bookish Hermione and her long, unkempt hair far behind. These days, you can see Emma walking the red carpet at all the prestigious events, looking like she’s stepped straight out of a painting. In this case, the 27-year-old actress looks ethereal, draped in a sheer piece of fabric with a beautiful ivory bow for extra detail. If there was ever a perfect picture of an English Rose, then this is it. We bet Ron would gladly hang this over his fireplace.

Johnny Depp


In the ’90s, you were either team Johnny or team Brad — and it looks like the battle is set to continue. While Brad’s portrait is undeniably gorgeous, glowing and almost cherubic, Johnny’s has a distinctly darker tone that embodies that bad-boy attitude we’ve all come to know and love over the course of his decades-long career. We have to say, the period costume doesn’t look that far off from some of the stuff that the 50-something actor wears now, especially while he’s performing on stage with his band. All in all, we’d bid on it at auction.

Let’s not leave Brad out though.

Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is not just an actor, but a certified heartthrob. Ever since he burst on to the scene decades ago, he’s been the subject of many a fantasy. Putting him into a classical work of art makes as much sense as the changing of the seasons and the tide of the sea. His golden hair flowing down his back while he glares longingly into the future, past Angelina Jolie and on to his next wife — or next coveted award. It all just works. If there was ever a face more paintable, we have yet to see it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


“I’ll be back…in an oil painting.” King of action movies and questionable acting, Arnie has conquered Hollywood in some of the highest grossing movies of all time. The Austrian-American actor and one time Governor of California is quite a formidable figure. According to biographers, he started weight training at just 15 years old. Although he probably never thought that he’d end up portrayed in a classical work of art, he suits it pretty well, don’t you think? Very official looking, while also repping those trademark Arnie cheekbones. All it’s missing is Sarah Connor.

Danny Devito


Danny Devito is a living legend, captivating audiences since his role in the series Taxi in the late ’70s. He’s been in more films and shows than we can count — and really, who can forget that cameo as a stripper in Friends?! The 73-year-old actor is also famous for his stature, standing at just 4’10”. Danny’s ability to make audiences laugh, cry and in some cases boo (think Matilda) is a special knack. One thing is for certain, he’s loved the world over, which is maybe why he has such a smug look on his ruffle-collared face in this depiction.

Taylor Swift


28-year-old songstress Taylor Swift is as famous for her relationship history as her lengthy list of hits. Think back to the first time Swifty really popped onto our radar, in the video for 2008’s “Love Story.” Taylor played out the tale of star-crossed lovers, donning a cute dress and looking all young and glowy. It worked and introduced the young 18-year-old into the mainstream world of pop. This well-done painting is so reminiscent of that stage in her career that it hurts. Long, perfectly curled locks, subtle smile and a long cream gown — all on point.

Gary Oldman


Gary Oldman is probably one of the finest actors that Britain has ever spawned – and arguably one of the most decorated. With three BAFTA’s, two Critic’s Choice Awards and a Golden Globe among some of his accolades, the 59-year-old has certainly made some waves in his profession. Oldman was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for a considerable amount of time in the ’80s, so he’s clearly well-suited to looking serious in costumes — however, there’s something a little off about this piece of art, don’t you think?

Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning may be 23 years old now, but she came to prominence when she was just seven for her role in the drama movie I Am Sam in 2001. Her success quickly saw her cast in a variety of movies, making her one of the most well-known child actresses of the ’00s. Although she’s an adult now, the majority of people still remember her as a little girl. This portrait perfectly captures Dakota’s youthful face and innocence, immortalizing that little girl we saw in Cat in the Hat and Charlotte’s Web.

Charlize Theron


A Hollywood icon for decades now, Charlize Theron is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The South-African born actress has garnered critical praise for a number of her movies, including her depiction of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, where she was almost unrecognizable. The stunningly beautiful 42-year-old actress has gained as much attention for her beauty as she has for her acting talent over the years, which makes her the ideal subject for a classical portrait makeover. We have to say, this depiction of Charlize as a period noblewoman is incredibly striking. Hats off to the artist.

Sean Connery


You couldn’t paint a series of celebrity classical portraits without including the living legend that is Sean Connery. The 87-year-old Scottish actor has been given several honorary titles, such as “The Greatest Living Scot” and “Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure.” In 1999, he was even voted the “Sexiest Man of the Century” — those are some impressive credentials. In his day, he was one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood and continues to be quite the looker at almost 90. As it turns out, Connery’s rugged charm translates extremely well into art as well.

Penelope Cruz


Vanilla Sky actress Penelope Cruz has the kind of unique look that makes guys want to date her and women want to be her. The 43-year-old Spanish star is perfectly captured in this portrait, her big brown eyes looking back at the viewer in an almost tragic stare. Penelope is just as convincing placed into a painting as she is as her characters, evoking just as much emotion while maintaining a mysterious edge. It can’t be easy looking as good as she does — but she does it so well it hurts.