5 Selena Gomez Videos You Need to Revisit

Selena Gomez has been in the gossip blogs a lot lately. Sadly, it isn’t for her catchy music or her completely lovable movies. Instead, it’s all about “are they or aren’t they?” with Justin Bieber and stories here and there about her kidney transplant recovery. At the end of the day, we heart Selena big time and we want her to be healthy and happy so she’ll release another fab album. Yes, we are selfish that way. If it’s been a minute since you went through her catalog and rocked out to her videos, here are five visual and auditory treats you must watch immediately!

1. Bad Liar – This song is sick. And the time warp video features Selena playing a dude? Check!

2. Come & Get It – Remember when Selena was really obsessed with Indian culture? The end result was this beautiful and colorful video so woohoo!

3. Who Says – Do you need a pick me up, empowerment moment? This tune still delivers, ya’ll!

4. Hands to Myself – Selena the stalker is somehow still adorable!

5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – Who doesn’t love an origin story? Let’s give it up for teenage Selena rocking those Disney-friendly dance moves and odd fashion choices!