The Fabulous Stains x Mash-Up Lookbook Collab

I recently teamed up with MashUp for this super sick lookbook collaboration… and the result is out of this world!! This collection juxtaposes concepts and imagery that pull from art and pop culture as well as the media with bright, bold, geometric, and psychedelic prints.  The pieces in this collection are essentially statement pieces but using simple silhouettes that are super wearable. The collection has an almost digitized feel which makes the pieces very cohesive and recognizable. The lookbook was shot at Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce California, which sets a beautiful backdrop for this collection and lends the looks a good deal of  needed contrast. The choice to put something so flamboyant it almost feels artificial and overly man made, along side a backdrop that looks as though it hasn’t seen a soul in years, creates a beautiful relationship between the models and the setting that gives the lookbook a girl meets nature vibe. One of my favorite piece in the collection is the lime green printed dress that has a neckline and silhouette similar to a basketball jersey because  it has just enough shape, it,s loud but it has a focal point, and it’s the perfect length. Another one of my favorites is the long sleeve two piece because the print is kind of a cross between a computer glitch and Tetris which plays into that digitized look I mentioned. The lookbook as a whole brings geometric and organic shapes together in brilliant ways with tremendous attitude and spunk which perfectly sums up MashUp as a brand.