8 Reasons Why Mandy Moore is Our Fave For Life

In this celebrity-obsessed culture, our attention span and devotion to actors and musicians waxes and wanes depending on what’s hot and who got caught doing something gross by TMZ. Through it all… you know who’s been around killing it? Mandy Freakin’ Moore!! Since 1999 this talented lady has been singing and acting on big screens and little ones and through every phase, she’s a goddam delight!

8 Reasons Why Mandy Moore is Our All Time Fave

Her Instagram is on point & so real (see what we did there?)

Mandy might have the best celebrity Instagram page. Seriously… check it out. It’s not all photoshopped cover images. It’s a look into her sometimes glam sometimes pissed about loud neighbors lifestyle!

Checking to see if we hit our marks.

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She has fabulous taste in men

Mandy was married to singer-songwriter Ryan Adams for 7 years. Yes, their breakup had us down in the dumps because they were cute as all get out, but life goes on! They divorced without being aggressively cruel to one another publicly and now she’s engaged to Taylor Goldsmith, lead singer of Dawes. Yup… Mandy attracts the cream of the crop, ya’ll.


She’s sneak flawless without being vain

We’re not going to say things like, Mandy is just like us! She’s a girl next door! She’s not a super ano actress. Truth is, baby doll is flawless and she keeps it super tight, but it’s not selfie city and #iwokeuplikethis. She’s confident without the side of self-indulgence.

Her house renovation is everything to us

If you watch her Instagram stories you know she’s been renovating a fabulous house in LA. Her modern style is legit fulfilling our dreams.

She’s been a public figure for 19 years without a major scandal

Her first single came out when she was 15 years old and she hasn’t really taken a break! She’s been singing and acting her entire life and she hasn’t been arrested. There’s no sex tape, no DUI, no weird scandals. Cheers to that!


She isn’t afraid to make fun of herself

Those #TBT and #FBF posts are amazing!

Jamie + Landon, 16 years ago, A Walk to Remember ❤️. #TBT

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She’s an animal lover

Honestly, we don’t even know how many rescue dogs and cats she has at this point, but it’s beautiful.


Her #girlsquad isn’t celebrity or bust

Does she have pals that are fellow actors and musicians? Of course! But her squad is a touch more eclectic than that!