10 Oprah GIFs Proving She Should Be President

After the Golden Globes last week, an entire nation or perhaps the entire universe was tickled by the prospect of having Oprah Winfrey as our next president. Okay, so she might not have political experience, but she’s basically American royalty and can literally talk to and inspire anyone that’s in her presence. Compared to… current leaders… it sounds pretty darn sweet.

Here are 10 GIFs Proving Oprah Should Be Our Next President Come 2020:

The way she listens to people talk

For her generosity

For the real talk

When diplomatic relations don’t go her way

Her stance on Presidential dining & fad diets

Everytime She Walks Into a Room

When she digs for answers

For her positive cheerleader vibes

For her smug dance moves

And the empowering speech when she’s sworn into office