8 Last Minute Gift Ideas That’ll Make You a Holiday Hero

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away! In T-minus six days you’ll need to have amazing presents wrapped and placed under the tree for all your loved ones. If you’re like us, you’ve probably maybe, accidentally waited until the last minute to get all your shopping in. Whoops! Well, the good news is, there are plenty of amazing, easy, and most importantly totally awesome gifts you can order in time.

Here’s our top 8 list of sick gift ideas you can order ASAP and still get all the glory!

1. Costco Membership

For $60, you can gift someone with a year’s supply of endless samples and all the bulk-sized items you can dream of!! And don’t even get us started on the snack bar.

2. Custom Snack Gift Baskets

Odds are you probably know your mom, brother, or BFF’s guilty pleasure snacks and treats. Hit the grocery store and put together a custom gift basket filled with all their beloved indulgences.

3. Your Favorite Things Bundle

Do you have a favorite new hand soap, lotion, popcorn flavor or cleaning spray you’ve been raving about? Pull an Oprah and give the gift of your fave things! And don’t forget the Sharpie pens. They’re legit!

4. Fancy Coffee

Whether your pal is a Folger’s person or totally pretentious and riding that third wave, every caffeine lover is down for a nice bag of beans. Try Heart Roaster, Blue Bottle, or Stumptown if you’re looking to impress.

5. Trampoline Gift Cards

Is there a trampoline gym near your friend or family member’s house? If so, you know they are sneak dying to try it! A gift card for a group jump jump will be much appreciated.

6. House Plant

A succulent, cactus or green houseplant is the perfect addition to any home and wrapping it will be a hoot.

7. What Do You Meme? Game

Cards Against Humanity is so 2017. What Do You Meme? is all the rage and the perfect game for your next holiday gathering.

8. Literally Anything on Amazon Prime

It’ll all arrive within two days and the world is truly your oyster! Need some ideas? Go for essential oils and oil diffusers, cool incense holders, candles, or tasty candy and gummy bears. It’s a win-win always and you can splurge on gift-wrapping bags for just $3.99.