#FBF New Girl GIFs That Make You LOL

Happy Friday! There’s plenty of drama happening across the country (world?) from serious wild fires in California to oh, you know… tax reform bills… so now more than ever, we need a touch of escapism. You know what our televisions have been missing? NEW GIRL! The Zooey Deschanel-led half hour comedy is always a true delight, filled with warm fuzzy moments and plenty of belly laughs. Their final season should hit the airwaves in 2018, so for today’s #FBF, let’s reflect on some of our fave GIFs from the series.

On a woman’s real life period struggle.

How we truly feel about Taylor Swift.

For that one friend that’s absurd. 

When you & your friends are convinced you’ve created something magical. 

When you’re trying to get out there and flirt. 

An actual truth bomb. 

We don’t even know, but get it, Schmidt. 

When you finally order that ridiculous cocktail you’ve always wanted to try at TGI Fridays.