7 Ways to Cure the Post-Holiday Blues

Now that 2018 is but a few days away, most of us are trying desperately to fit into our fat kid jeans while toying with all kinds of fancy presents compliments of friends and family. This week between holidays is filled with annoying travel plans, excessive meals, minimal energy, and the sadness of knowing it’ll be another year until you get to put up the tree and lights again. If you’re feeling blue, here are a few ways to turn that frown upside down.

Top 7 Ways to Cure the Post-Holiday Blues

Exercise – Get a jump start on your annual New Year’s resolution and hit the gym. Some cardio endorphins will make you smile and help justify another slice of pie.

Vitamin D – Have you been holed up on the couch in your jammies watching The Holiday & Love Actually on repeat? If so – go outside and get a little sunshine on your face.

A Healthy Meal – Sometimes, you can get a little too much of a good thing. If your last 10 meals have been indulgent, packed with carbs, butter, or deep fried, you probably just feel icky. Grab yourself a salad and a green juice for a positive mood booster.

Puppy Videos – Nobody can stay down in the dumps when watching little pups being adorable.

Book Store Trip – Turn off Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime and head to your local bookstore. Dive into a good read to stimulate your brain.

House Clean Up – Winter cleaning will refresh your whole perspective! Start with the fridge, floors, and closets. A clean space with holiday decorations tucked away will feel fabulous.

Dance Party – When in doubt, crank some Destiny’s Child and dance around your living room.