6 Disney Channel Songs You Sneak Love

I know we’re all sophisticated and grown up and like, primarily focused on our Netflix queues and tracking down an HBO GO password these days, but if we’re being perfectly honest, The Disney Channel just gets us. This outrageous, family-friendly programming behemoth cranks out star after star, like Demi, Selena, Zac & Zendaya, and some amazing songs and musical numbers in the process. Well, today, we’re fully prepared to admit that even grown folks without babies on their hips love to get into the Disney spirit. Here are six Disney Channel original tunes we can’t get out of our heads. Which tune is your fave?

1 – “Two in a Million” – from Austin & Ally

This song is just a full pop jam and you know it!

2 – “Watch Me” from Shake it Up

Zendaya and Bella Thorne just crushing this outrageous dance theme song.

3 – “Magic” from Wizards of Waverly Place

Okay, we know this is a cover, but a young Selena Gomez obviously killed it.

4 – “This is Me” from Camp Rock

This song turned Demi Lovato into a straight-up STAR, ya’ll!

5 – “We’re all in this Together” – High School Musical 1

They have a dance tutorial, FYI.

6 – “Bet on it” – High School Musical 2

The song + Zac’s dance moves and spray tan make this an instant classic!