AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK! Camp No Counselors: The All-Inclusive Sleepaway Camp for Adults

I recently attended Camp No Counselors (“CNC”)… and I must say, it was one of the best times of my life!  It’s sleep away camp for adults! Meals are included, with an open bar, themed parties, camp fires, and of course, tons of new friends to be made. It’s one of the best escapes money can buy. No internet connection, no talk about work, and most importantly, no worries. CNC is a jam-packed weekend full of camp activities that can vary depending on location. The camps typically fall from Thursday night to Sunday morning, and are held in 17 cities around the US and Canada. As seen on Shark Tank, CNC was founded by Adam Tichauer who was searching for the carefree and fun vibe that gets lost between adolescence and adulthood. The secret to unlocking that energy turned out to be summer camp, but with a bit liquid courage.

I attended the Los Angeles Camp near Lake Hughes this year and can honestly say it was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had.  The Los Angeles camp is heavier on land activities like guided hikes, a ropes course, kick ball, volleyball, archery and a bunch more but there are other locations that are more water activity focused. One of my favorite things about CNC is that while some campers maybe returning, the majority of campers are new to the program and many come alone, which like sleep away camp for kids, creates a fresh and welcoming crowd that are eager to make new friends. Due to the lack of cell reception, it forces people to unplug completely. which truly changes the dynamic of the group and allows bonds between campers and non-counselors to form more easily.

The first night of camp starts with an epic bonfire with more s’mores then you can eat and more alcohol then you should drink. Waking up around 12 strangers is the ultimate icebreaker but that morning is when the fun really starts to soak in. Everyone arrives at breakfast and people are sober enough to remember your name, so campers get more familiar with the crowd. Sign-ups  for the activities of the day, Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s in hand. Shortly afterwards there’s a tour of the camp grounds and then activities start for the day guided by the non-counselors.

On Friday and Saturday night there were themed costume parties, one dedicated to musicians and one inspired by your favorite sweet as a kid. Different themed parties are assigned to different camps and posted well before camp days which allows time for some serious creativity. These parties are no doubt one of the best parts of camp because campers help each other with costumes, talk, drink, and really get into the spirit of something they may have never done otherwise. The play hard attitude is definitely constant throughout camp but Saturday has color wars, the talent show, and a themed party, so it really is nonstop fun. At the end of the talent show campers are also awarded superlatives by the non-counselors, so regardless if you win color wars (which we did #teamblue), there’s always something to celebrate.

By Sunday morning the exhaustion sets in but the goodbyes are much harder than that. You leave asking when you can come back and almost immediately speak to fellow campers about meeting up and planning future trips. One weekend at CNC can really shake your world and you might just gain some lifelong friends. Turns out the CNC really is an “escape to happiness.”