Guest DJ: Pop Queen Dominique Shares Her Top Tracks At The Moment

NYC-based pop songstress, Dominique, is on her way to superstardom with tracks like “Good Girl,” “Love You Better,” “If I Could Go Back,” and most recently, “Use Me.” Her electro-pop charm has her linked to artists such as Banks, Elohim and Transviolet to name a few.

Dominique is no stranger to the DIY life so we asked the singer to play guest DJ for Buzznet and share her favorite tracks at the moment! Enjoy and let us know your favorites!

“Mistakes” – Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke is a huge inspiration for me as her music is as innovative as pop can get. This track blew my mind when it came out. My dream is to write with her one day.

“Only With You” – Cyn

I love how the vocals are produced in this song. The chorus is so catchy. She seems like a really promising artist!

“Already There” – ARY

When I discovered this song I listened to all of ARY’s discography and fell in love with her music. Her melodies are so interesting and her voice is as unique as much as it is beautiful. I literally want to visit Norway just so I can go to one of her shows.

“Think Before I Talk” – Astrid S

When the bass hits in the chorus: OMG. The production and melodies in this song are everything.

“Perfect For You” – Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten is such an exciting artist and I love the singles she’s been putting out from her new album. Definitely a breath of fresh air in the mainstream pop scene. 

“Hoodie” – Hey Violet

Such a feel good song. You can’t not be in a good mood while listening to this.