Oregon Eclipse: A Total Solar Eclipse Gathering

We all love eclipses as a potent reminder that this amazing Universe is alive and beautiful!  I couldn’t think of a better reason to celebrate… and so comes Oregon Eclipse 2017, a 7 day international gathering celebrating the total solar eclipse that occured on Aug 21, 2017.  The team behind OE17 has over 60 years of experience in creating environments that allow us to express and explore the furthest reaches of our imagination… and thus creating a global synaesthesia of art, ideas, music, dancing and international community.  The event featured 7 stages of music, multiple areas of workshops, yoga & dance classes, theatrical and circus performance, along with epic large-scale art installations.  Over the 7 days, attendees created a home together in the wilderness, riding a wave of anticipation as they ascended towards the total solar eclipse.  For all those who attended, it was truly an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the eclipse.  Check out the photo gallery to see the unifying experiences that brought this community together.