Twilight Saga: Eclipse GIFs

Happy Eclipse Day! The last time the United States was lucky enough to experience a continent-wide solar eclipse was 1918! Can you believe it?! What a time to be alive. In honor of this momentous occasion, we thought we’d honor our second favorite eclipse. You know… the third installment of the Twilight series! As you prepare your mind (and your special viewing glasses) for today’s eclipse, here are a few GIFs to review from Stephanie Meyer‘s sassy vampire/werewolf movie by the same name!

Bella and Edward’s chemistry is always major. 

Seriously… they want to demolish each other. In a sexy way. 

Let’s not forget… Eclipse is the big PROPOSAL movie.

But that doesn’t stop the sneak love connection between Bella and Jacob.

No joke… she kissed him hard on a mountain top the day after she accepted Edward’s proposal.

Let’s get a close up on that, shall we?

Because platonic pals totally pick you up from school like this. 

And have fights in the rain with you, conveniently shirtless.

Meanwhile, your main squeeze is going to kill evil vampires for you. Ahh teen dramas!