PREMIERE: Carrie Lane Bares Her Soul In Acoustic Video For “Think About It”

One look at New Jersey-bred turned LA transplant, Carrie Lane, and you just know she’s a bonafide pop star and model. The singer just released her debut EP, California Freaks, in June and has been garnering quite the buzz with tracks like “Drowning,” the Forever 21-approved “If I Can’t Be With You,” and most recently, “Think About It.”

We are excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of a special acoustic video for “Think About It” filmed at Washington D.C.’s 7DrumCity rehearsal space. Enjoy and don’t forget to grab California Freaks now here!

“‘Think About It'” is a song for anyone who has turned to a toxic environment in order to escape a painful situation,” Carrie explained in a recent interview with Yahoo Music“For some people, it’s about hanging on to a person or a situation that isn’t good for them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a substance or alcohol; in this case the booze symbolized my escape and how I tried to avoid coping with a painful heartbreak by numbing myself to those around me.”