#FBF Twilight GIFs That’ll Never Die

This week, the always smokin’ Robert Pattinson is back on the press circuit to promote his latest film, Good Time. As per usual, seeing RPattz strut his stuff on red carpets and on late night shows gets us reminiscing about the good old days. You know, the Twilight days. It’s hard to believe the first installment of this vampire series was released nearly a decade ago! For today’s #FBF, let’s review some of our fave GIFs from this teen classic.

When Bella first lays eyes on her future boo and is instantly turned on. 

Edward’s entrance into the cafeteria is pretty unreal. 

The lab partner life.

The moment Edward saves her from a car and tries to tell her it was a rush of adrenaline. 

When they’re off in the woods saying absurd shit to one another. 

When Edwards reveals himself as a “hideous” sparkly vampire.

When they went climbing through the trees randomly because apparently that’s the vamp life!

That time Bella couldn’t contain her horniness for Eddie’s bod. 

In the face of danger, these two make wild and crazy love declarations. 

When Bella almost had a heart attack because Edward threatened to leave her.