5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know You Needed At Lollapalooza

Music festivals are pretty insane. There are flower crowns and Camelbacks everywhere you look and when it comes to Lollapalooza, it’s important to be super prepared for any situation.

While we’re seasoned festival goers here at Buzznet, we came out of Lollapalooza with a few new things to add to our list of “must haves” for next year that go beyond, sunscreen, water, and a comfy pair of shoes! Read on and prepare to have your jaw drop at these quirky little details you might not think of!

A Crowd Carving Friend

While on the festival grounds, we found it nearly impossible to walk anywhere without bumping into fellow festival goers and sometimes while in the thick of the crowd, it can be very overwhelming to navigate your way. That being said, make sure you’re with a friend who can take your hand and quickly whisk you through the crowd like no one is in your way. It not only relieves the stress and anxiety, but you’ll get to every stage a lot faster!

A Rain Poncho

After waiting all day for Lorde to take the stage on night one, the festival was literally monsooned out. Lorde’s set was shut down and the festival went through an emergency evacuation that left us all so soaked, even the wallets inside our bags were water logged! So much for our leather boots, but lesson learned. Even if the weather looks nice, bring something that will protects your stuff if the sky suddenly decides to dump all over you.

Lobster Corn Dog

For three years we’ve walked by the lobster corn dog stand and passed up the opportunity to have a crunchy, golden, gooey, wonderfully creamy lobster roll on a stick, but this year we decided it was now or never and INDULGED. #noregrets…no one should go through life without trying one.

A Not So Public Bathroom

OK OK we’re press, and we were spoiled with a cushy media area that included some pretty swanky porta bathrooms. They were regularly cleaned, smelled nice and were never lacking TP or paper towels. Sure you might not make it to a bathroom as nice as ours if all you have is GA, but you can def try to find a section of porta potties that isn’t being used by literally every single person at the fest. Even if it’s slightly cleaner than other potties, it will make a huge difference in your show going experience!

The Lollapalooza App

No joke, it was like a god-send to have the Lollapalooza app. We were able to schedule everyday with ease, figure out exactly where all the stages, exits, and directions were. It is so well put together and serves as a great diary to remember exactly who you saw on what day and fill you with all the warm festival fuzzies you left with.