10 Reasons Why Elizabeth Olsen is the Coolest

Like most living breathing humans, we’re forever charmed by Jennifer Lawrence. From her interview antics to her on-screen versatility, she’s been the “It girl” for awhile. We’ve all been so immersed in J-Law life that a part of us didn’t even realize we’d been slowly, but surely falling head over heels for Elizabeth Olsen. The younger sister of the famed Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley is our sneak fave leading lady!

In fact, here are 10 reasons why Elizabeth Olsen is the coolest. 

She started her career crushing indie roles

She’s stunning. 

No, seriously. She might be the prettiest girl in the world. 

Her IMDB credits are sick. Godzilla, and Avengers, and then a little pop on over to cool ass movies like Ingrid Goes West and Wind River? Get it!

Sometimes she hits the red carpet with her big sisters

Why wouldn’t she? I mean, she is the Elizabeth in their high end/AMAZING fashion line, Elizabeth & James

She does lots of solo adventures as documented on her Instagram

She’s always flawlessly dressed

She’s never getting into bad shit, at least publicly

She just looks like a down ass BFF that wants to split a bottle of champagne & a cheese plate with you