GUEST DJ: Envy On The Coast

When Long Island, NY’s Envy On The Coast called it quits seven years ago, fans were unsure if the band would ever be revived but like all fandoms, a tiny slither of hope is always there. Turns out, it only takes a spark to get things going again and with founding members Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne at the helm steering the band in a new direction, Envy On The Coast has officially been revived!

The band’s newly released EP, Ritual, features everything fans loved from the very beginning while showcasing the duo’s musical evolutions as they both forge through the path ahead.

We asked the band to play guest DJ for a day to give us a glimpse into what inspired their new material along with some stuff that they cannot get enough of at the moment. Enjoy and don’t forget to pick up Ritual here!

“This playlist covers everything from the far reaching ends of our Venn diagram. On one end you have Bob Mould & Barkmarket, and on the other you have The Beastie Boys and The Roots. In the middle, there’s the stuff we can both agree on, like Bruce and Tears for Fears. These are the sounds that inspired us, as well as a bunch of random stuff that he likes and I hate and vice versa. Enjoy.”