16 Shades of Heartbreak: A Track-By-Track Rundown of LANY’s Debut

Stunning. Inspiring. Devastating. If three words can sum up alt-pop trio LANY, it would be those. While it can often be a struggle to reach so deep into yourself to find the right words, these guys know how to pull it off and they do it so well that it hurts. One thing is for sure: heartbreak never sounded so good.

After releasing their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album last week, the band are officially on their way to superstardom and it’s been quite a trip watching them get to this moment. Overflowing with themes of love, loss, inner turmoil and heartbreak, this is one album you don’t want to sleep on this summer! Singer Paul Klein’s genuine honesty on this record is refreshing and it’s incredible to have a band out there that cares so much about their fans.

While we do enjoy having artists share their thoughts on their work through track-by-tracks, this time we decided to give it a go on our own. Let us know your favorites on the album by tweeting us @BUZZNET!

“Dumb Stuff”

A lovely introduction into the hour journey of the album depicting the best parts of a relationship where you can stay up for hours talking about the dumbest things. Very crucial for any relationship.

“The Breakup”

I had legit chills the first time I heard this one. I just imagine the wind blowing my hair on one specific night where I was unsure about a relationship I was in. Clarity comes during the chorus as Klein shares how devastating it is to lose someone and how it’s never the same love after the breakup.

“Super Far”

Co-written with pop mastermind Ryan Tedder, this one seems like a no-brainer to get up and leave if you’re not getting (or giving) what is needed, yet once you’re rooted in the reality of it all, it’s a lot harder than it seems.


This is probably one of my favorites on the album. I adore the overall vibe and how haunting it all feels. Listen to this one with headphones. It’s pure magic!

“Flowers On The Floor”

This is classic LANY at its best. Whenever fans think of the band, their floral aesthetic instantly comes to mind, making this one a shoo-in for top LANY anthems, especially live!


I smile like the biggest noob whenever this one comes on. A voicemail from Jake Goss’s mother about his tattoo he posted on Instagram in honor of his family, this is the cutest thing ever and her southern drawl is giving us all life right now!


What would a LANY debut be without this gem? The song that started it all for so many, this one will live on forever in the LANY universe and I’m so happy it got added onto the album.


A tearful ballad on moving on while wondering what went wrong. Keep this one handy for those emo nights spent curled up with ice cream. We all have them.


This one feels like Klein’s breakthrough. We’ve all been through hurricanes when it comes to love, but this one was so poignantly executed, it should be illegal.


I think I related to this one the most. We all imagine how perfect life would be if we were in love, yet when it happens, it’s a rollercoaster set in the dark. But it’s always worth it.

“Good Girls”

When Klein states that “good girls don’t exist,” I just want to prove him wrong every time. After witnessing this record and how he has put his heart on the line through every track, I’m thinking maybe good guys do exist as well.


The first time I heard this song, I was craving pancakes terribly. Maybe an IHOP sponsorship is down the line somewhere. Hold the champagne, though. 😉


I had a boyfriend from Tampa a while back and the line of, “I can do better than this,” was exactly how I felt throughout our time together. I love when art imitates life like that.

“Purple Teeth”

This one feels like it could be a part of last year’s kinda EP. If that’s the case, I’m glad it got to see the light of day.

“So, Soo Pretty”

Appropriately titled, this one is a gorgeous piano interlude reminiscent of The 1975.

“It Was Love”

Young love will never die, especially in this track. It’ll have you thinking about old flames in an instant.

Album available now here.