EXCLUSIVE: Vacances ‘The Wild’ EP Premiere

Brooklyn turned Toronto dweller, Vancances – the project of musician Danny Lannon – is ready to unleash his new EP, The Wild, this Friday, June 30 but we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek right here on Buzznet! Filled to the brim with summery, indie/alternative/pop gems, The Wild is your ultimate go-to party playlist as a more carefree season is upon us.

“‘The Wild’ is really my debut EP. I did my other release ‘Last Summer’ with the help of some amazing friends but it was the intro of Vacances to the world. The Wild really drives home the progress I’m looking to make as a songwriter and a musician,” shared Lannon. “It really kind of bridges the gap between some of the more rock/indie driven music I love while including a few more synth heavy songs. I’d say this as close as I’ll get to showing people what to expect moving forward. But as always I’m going to be looking to get better and become as well rounded as I can.”

Check out the premiere of The Wild below: