#FBF 9 Supernatural GIFs to Live By

In a time where TV shows come and go on networks and streaming services, it’s crazy to think about how long Supernatural has been on the air. This little CW show about two brothers fighting supernatural forces premiered in 2005! Now, they’ve officially aired 13 seasons. For today’s #FBF, let’s review 9 Supernatural GIFs we should all live by.

When Someone Accuses You of Being a Floozy

When You Really Just Want to Throw Some Shade

When Someone Asks You How You Do it All

When You’re Totally Blindsided By a Plot Line as You Netflix and Chill

When You Fix Something Around the House All By Yourself

When Someone Doesn’t Understand Your Sarcasm

When You Wake Up Hungover in Someone Else’s Shirt

When You’re Trying to Make Lit Weekend Plans

When Someone Tries to Mess With Your Dog