#FBF 5 Amazing Boy Band Music Videos We Almost Forgot About

Now that One Direction is just five guys doing solo projects, the world is left without a boy band. Before you cry yourself to sleep, remember there’s a backlog of boy band eye candy to reminisce on. On this #FBF, feast your eyes on five amazingly dated, but glorious boy band music videos.

O-Town – “All or Nothing”

The outfits and hairstyles in this video are truly unreal.

BBMak – “Back Here”

This video is just so cute. Busking in the subway done right.

*NYSNC – “Drive Myself Crazy”

Who doesn’t love watching a boyband go mock bonkers in an insane asylum? Also, hello silk jam jams!

Backstreet Boys – “Larger Than Life”

Welcome to the future! Or at least, what we thought the future and space would look like in 1999.

98 Degrees – “I Do (Cherish You)”

Oh that Screech cameo is classic!