EXCLUSIVE: flor Share Insight Into Debut, ‘come out, you’re hiding’

LA-based, Oregon-bred four piece, flor, specialize in vibrant, self-reflective sensibilities set to the sounds of some of the best indie-pop you’ll hear all year. They’ve just released their highly-anticipated debut album, come out, you’re hiding, via Fueled By Ramen and are set to take over the music world this year, even making an appearance at NYC’s The Meadows Music and Arts Festival this fall. Mentors of sorts for the shy and introverted, flor’s music captures the essence of putting your heart out there despite your reservations, making their debut a stunning display of hope and light at a time when we need it most.

We asked singer Zach Grace to share some insight into each track on come out, you’re hiding, in this exclusive track-by-track commentary! Enjoy and don’t forget to pick up the album here!

1. “Guarded” is about growing in the midst of uncertainty. I ran with the imagery of having a fortress that I built up around myself being torn away and finding new beauty in the world.

2. “Warm Blood” was inspired after playing The Witcher 3. I was so inspired by the game that “Warm Blood” just wrote itself.

3. “Heart” is a song about staying true to yourself when you’re feeling pressured to be someone else or in my case create art that doesn’t represent who you are.

4. “Where Do You Go” is a song I wrote when I was inspired by wonderful people who showed and shared so much love that I couldn’t help but sing about it. It’s a request to understand and know where they get that love.

5. “Back Again” is simply a song of longing. It was inspired by the gap between Los Angeles and our hometown of Hood River. It’s missing friends and family, but hoping you’ll see each other again soon.

6. “Hold On” was a special one. It’s a track that helped us find and define our sound and what kind of music we wanted to make. It was written over the course of a shower. The best songs always seem to come that easily.

7. “Restless Soul” was written in pieces. I started with the track which just always calmed me down when I listened to it. Then I had a particularly hard day to handle and I found myself singing the melody and the words, ‘oh don’t you tire you restless soul.’

8. “Unsaid” is a song about conflict being born out of emotions. It’s an inquisitive song. Are your selfish feelings worth being made known at the expense of another’s happiness?

9. “Spoiled” was written because I was so sick of feeling sorry for myself. I looked at all the wonderful people I had in my life and realized I had so much to be thankful for. But I wanted to analyze my state of mind. I wanted to understand what made me feel so down. So I had a conversation through song.

10. “Overbehind” is about overcoming ridiculous expectations that you put on yourself and getting stuck looking back at “the good times.” It’s a song that hopes that the best things we will do in our lives have yet to come. I’m over looking behind. I’m overbehind.