6 Ways to Boost Your Prom Karma

Prom season is upon us once more! As you prepare for an evening of gowns, suits, and all the sparkle your high school gymnasium can muster, let’s focus on good vibes instead of being Becky with the good hair. After all, school dances aren’t cupcakes and rainbows for every human you know. Spread positivity and exude kindness to ensure you and everyone around you has a world class time.

Here are six ways to boost your Prom karma:

1. Ditch the limo. It’s a waste of money, especially if you have a car you can use. Instead, donate to a good cause!

2. Shopping is a serious chore for some people. Help a friend shop for the perfect prom threads.

3. See that quiet person in the corner? Ask them to dance!

4. Friends of yours bumming out because they’re dateless? Instead of thinking #romance with your boo, make prom a group hang that’s fun for singles and couples!

5. Instead of breaking the bank on fancy gowns, shop vintage! You’ll save money and you’ll look one-of-a-kind.

6. Instead of throwing shade, shower all your classmates with compliments. Everyone spent time getting glam and deserves to feel beautiful!