6 Summer Hangs That Don’t Involve Partying

Ah the age old question is upon us… what should you do on a summer day or night that won’t turn you into a sloppy mess with a hangover the next day? Well, the good news is, there’s plenty of lovely, clean fun to be had on a hot day. Don’t believe us? For the skeptical readers, we have a few recommendations and we didn’t even include the most obvious options… naps and dance parties to your fave playlist.

6 Great Summer Activities That Don’t Revolve Around Booze and Partying

Pool Time

It’s a classic summer activity! Hit the pool with a portable speaker, a big ol’ sparkling water and a book. Don’t forget the SPF.


Hiking is more than just exercise… it’s a great way to get out in nature and have a lovely time with friends or your pup. If you’re hiking in the summer, start early, bring water and snacks, SPF, and a great sun hat.

Outdoor Movies

Find an outdoor movie/picnic event in your town. Bring all your pals and you’ll have a ball!

Theme Parks

Theme parks aren’t just for kids. Between the games, rides, and unhealthy, but glorious snacks, you’ll have a field day.


When you want to escape the heat outdoors, a bowling alley is the perfect refuge.

Group Exercise Class

Working out doesn’t always have to be a chore. Find a class like soul cycle or kickboxing to do with friends. You’ll have fun and keep it tight. Plus, post-workout ice cream is so necessary.