5 Easy Eyelash Hacks That’ll Rock Your World

Most gals would die for long, dark eyelashes. I mean, they’re kind of the key to your easy glam lifestyle, amiright? With the right eyelashes, you’ll look dope as hell without the need for eyeliners and shadows and all the things that take up precious time and money. But, as any girl with fake lashes and a tube of glue can tell you, living that perfect #lashlife can be a pain in the ass. For all you beauties out there looking to save time, money, and energy without compromising your lash game, here are five easy hacks to rock your world:

1. Stack Them! If you like an extra full lash, glue two sets on top of each other before applying.

2. Avoid excessive globs of glue by applying the adhesive to your fake lashes with the top of a bobby pin.

3. Go knot-free! For a more natural look and the flexibility of avoiding eyeliner, use knot-free lashes and apply each lash individually. It’ll take a little practice, but the blend will be way better.

4. Once applied, blast your lashes with the hair dyer to help them set. Switch over to cold air to give them a little curl at the end.

5. Use a cotton swab and coconut oil to remove lashes. Don’t forget to clean your lashes once they’re removed in hot water and washing up liquid.