11 Things We Won’t Miss About School This Summer

Have you cleaned out your locker and returned your dreaded textbooks? Have you planned out every single detail of your summer, from designated pool time to family vacation life to putting off your summer reading until the week before school starts? Well then, it sounds like you’re ready for the next three months of freedom. Just in case you haven’t looked in the rearview mirror, here are 11 Things We Won’t Miss About School This Summer. 

1. Waking Up at the Crack of Dawn

2. Homework That Keeps Us Up At Night

3. Worrying About Whether You Already Repeated Your Outfit This Week

4. Tests, Papers, and the Dreaded POP Quizzes

5. Awkward Social Situations, Particularly at Lunch and at Sporting Events

6. Parents Stressing About College Applications

7. Hiding Your Cell Phone From Your Teacher’s Line of Sight

8. The Gossip Mill! Who’s Dating Who Gets Exhausting as Hell

9. Grumbling Stomachs in Classes Your Share With Your Crush

10. Hallway and Classroom Lighting

11. Cafeteria Food