9 Summer Fashion Trends We Sneak LOVE

Now that April is in full swing and your festival calendar is totally booked, we can officially say we’ve made it! Pack up your snow boots and sweaters and scarves and start evaluating what new hotness you’ll bring come summer. While certain summer fashion staples like cut off jean shorts and rompers will never leave us, there are some hot new trends that have gone fully mainstream.

Here are nine summer trends we sneak LOVE and will be embracing as soon as temperatures go above 70!


They aren’t just for kids and farmers, OK? Overalls (in both shorts and pant form) are functional, comfortable and cute as hell when paired with the right shoes and t-shirt. For a cute, fitted pair, try shopping at Madewell, Urban Outfitters, or Vans apparel!

Crazy Floral Prints

Don’t be afraid to embrace big, fat floral prints this summer! Mix and match for a loud look that totally works.


Yes, jumpsuits are a pain to get in and out of, but they look dope. When purchasing your jumpsuit of choice, make sure it’s made out of a material that doesn’t wrinkle like crazy after sitting down.


Any excuse to wear comfortable, exercise gear is a win in our book!

Bright Pink

Don’t be afraid of a pop of color! Bright pink is perfect for summer.

Bandana Scarves

Does your neck feel naked after scarf season? Fear not – the bandana neck tie look is perfect for you!

Oversized T-Shirts

Finally, the antidote to crop tops! Rock your oversized t-shirts like it’s your job.

Men’s Button Downs For The Ladies

Running low on clean clothes? Rock your dude’s button down as a chic summer dress!

Athletic Sandals

When you’re tired of rocking your Birkenstocks, swap them for athletic sandals. Honestly, you might still have a pair hiding out in the back of your closet from the ’90s.