8 GIFs That Explain Our Excitement Over Harry Styles’ Solo Record

On April 17th, our boy Harry Styles will release his first solo single, “Sign of The Times.” If we’re being perfectly honest, THIS is the post-One Direction solo tune we’ve been dying for. Sure, we’ll get to see Harry acting (and apparently crushing his role) in the upcoming Christopher Nolan flick Dunkirk, but our ears are missing those sweet vocal stylings.

Here are 8 GIFs that perfectly encapsulate our excitement over Harry’s upcoming solo effort:

As we count the days until April 17th arrives with anticipation:

When we’re pondering what “Sign of the Times” will sound like:

When we realize there’s going to be a music video:

And in turn, we wonder what he’ll wear, how his hair will look, and if there will be a sexy video gal by his side:

As we wager whether his tune will be more successful than his 1D brothers:

When someone says his music is going to suck:

When we finally hear the single:

And when we play it on repeat so freaking loud that everyone hates us: