5 Reasons To Love The Maine

As The Maine celebrate a decade-long career, we started to think about all the reasons why we love them, which wasn’t hard at all. While there are many reasons to absolutely adore these fine humans, we decided to share the 5 most important while we devour new album, Lovely Little Lonely for the hundredth time since its recent release!

5. They put on an incredible live show.

Maine fans are never disappointed when seeing these gents live.

4. Their outlook on life keeps us going.

There’s never a lack of words of wisdom from these guys, especially when we need it the most!

3. They have a timeless, signature sound.

They’re easily distinguishable from all the others and the sound of John O’Callaghan’s voice is comfort to our ears.

2. Their DIY-approach is inspiring.

Nobody does it better DIY than The Maine. These guys get it and those who don’t can step aside!

1. They keep their fans involved 100%.

The love these guys have for their fans is the real deal and the more they share with us, the more we are driven to support their every move.