11 Ways to Empower Your Gal Pals

Being a badass lady requires confidence, poise, backbone, and a bunch of help from your friends. Sadly, supporting fellow ladies doesn’t always feel like second nature. In school, it’s easy to fall into bullying traps. That, or you start to compare yourself to other girls and the outcome is insecurity and the strange desire to knock ’em down a few pegs. Gross. Instead of tumbling down a dark and unproductive worm hole, find ways to build your people up so you all crush together!

Here are 11 ways to empower your gal pals:

Support their dreams, even if they’re huge and hard to achieve. 

Let them know you have their back, no matter what. 

Turn their biggest insecurity into a moot point through encouragement and kind words.

Embrace ladies nights and make a conscious decision to stay positive and avoid the trash talk.

Stay loyal, especially when it comes to boys and dating situations.

Give them social media shout outs. It’s not just for bae pics and solo selfies, ya know.

Have important conversations about real life. It doesn’t have to be gossip and tv shows and boy talk all the time.

Buy your BFF an inspiring present that will help them achieve those big, fat dreams.

Send a gal pal a meaningful card, so they know you care and you believe in them.

Explore a hobby, show, or workout your BFF loves that you’re not so sure about. It’ll mean a lot.

Be inclusive. Welcome newcomers! Let your circle of positivity grow.