The Final Bite: A Look Back On The Vampire Diaries

After a whirlwind eight year run, The Vampire Diaries have reached their final chapter. Through all the mayhem that has wreaked havoc throughout Mystic Falls over the years, it is time to bid farewell to our favorite supernatural characters that left us on the edge of our seats every week craving more. You can catch the final episode as it airs tonight on The CW but before we say goodbye to Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo, Alaric, Matt and our beloved Elena, let’s take a look back on the show that bit us right in the feels during the vampire pop culture craze with these 10 pivotal moments.

1. Elena Invites Stefan In

One of the most pivotal moments was during the pilot episode when Elena invites Stefan in for the first time. It was then where we learned how important that gesture is in the vampire world.

2. Damon and Elena’s First Dance

Ahhh. The dance that started it all for Team Delena. It was kind of hard to imagine her with anyone else afterwards.

3. Elena and Damon Kiss

The moment we were all waiting for despite knowing Damon would most-likely survive that werewolf bite.

4. Bonnie’s Memorial

If you didn’t bawl your eyes out during this episode, you probably turned your humanity off. Fans are still sobbing over this though she’s alive and kicking now…at least we hope.

5. Elena Becomes A Vampire

We sort of suspected this was coming yet we still weren’t ready for it. Needless to say, everything changed in Mystic Falls after this one.

6. Elena Confirms Her Feelings For The Other Salvatore

It was about damn time Elena confessed her feelings for Damon, despite how heartbreaking it was to see her and Stefan break up.

7. Damon and Elena Say Goodbye With One Last Dance–N70

Once fans found out that Nina Dobrev was leaving the show, questions of how the storyline would progress ran wild. As sad it was to watch Elena go, this moment was flawless.

8. Caroline’s Mom Dies

This scene was heartbreaking. We need a minute…

9. Stefan and Caroline’s Wedding

It was only a week ago but we still can’t get over Stefan and Caroline’s wedding – though we have to admit we were on the edge of our seat anticipating Katherine’s bloody return, which fortunately didn’t happen…yet.

10. Elena Returns

It all happens. Tonight. We can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

And lastly, let us never forget this hashtag-able moment.