#FBF 9 Decade Old TV Shows You Should Binge Watch

Happy FRIDAY! As you prepare for another weekend of scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and every premium TV channel app under the sun trying to find something to watch, we encourage you go to back in time. On this #FBF, we’re here to help you out. Here are nine rad shows that debuted exactly a decade ago. 2007 brought us plenty of great television shows, so revisit and enjoy!

Mad Men: Jon Hamm is everything. Enough said.

Gossip Girl: This show turned Blake Lively into a household name. She really hasn’t aged in the last decade. UGH, but yay?

The Tudors: Hello, sexy period drama! Yeah, we wish Henry VIII was a hot king. We know he was gross, but in this show we get to pretend he was a royal babe that got around.

Californication: David Duchovny is at his best in this series as a sex addict/novelist in Hollywood.

Private Practice: Did you get into this Grey’s Anatomy spin off? If not, it’s worth it just for the sexy male receptionist that’s always shirtless.

Life: In this show a wrongfully imprisoned police detective is released after a million dollar settlement and returns to his old job. Absurd, but fun to watch if you like a serial crime drama.

Pushing Daisies: This show only lasted two seasons, but it was adorable and weird and random. A man who could bring people back to life… in love with a girl he couldn’t touch because she was living dead! The sexual tension was unreal.

Greek: Odds are you missed this college drama if you were over 18 back then. Live the sorority and fraternity life now!

Flight of the Conchords: Man, these kiwis sure knew how to crush a joke song.