8 Reasons We’re Stoked For Liam Payne’s Solo Record

Last year, tween and teenage hearts across the world broke for the very first time when One Direction disbanded. I mean, it was hard enough to see Zayn Malik leave 1D in March of 2015, and then the remaining four said “fuck this, we’re out!” Now, the universe has been devoid of all the skinny jeans, floppy hair, and Brit pop glory delivered by these X Factor alumni for 14 long months. Woof. Sure, there’s been Louis X Steve Aoki cuts, Zayn pillow talking, and even Niall crooning about this town, but where oh where has our boy Liam Payne been? Rumor has it his solo efforts will be dropping v soon.

Here are eight reasons we’re stoked for Li Li’s solo record:

We miss his hair. It’s flawless and you know it.

He crushes an interview. Li Li plays the press game with a straight face and thoughtful answers. 

He took on a lot of the singing after Zayn dipped. We’ve got a feeling his pipes are lubricated and ready to slay. 

Let’s be real. He’s taking care of that body too. 

We want to know what he’s got to say about love, life, and ladies when he’s the only singer on the horn. 

He can charm the pants off an audience with his smile. 

He was pretty tight with Harry. Maybe Mr. Styles will volunteer for some two part harmonies. (Please please please)

Real talk. We just want our babies to WIN. Let’s see some solo success without big name duets for the boys of 1D.