8 Reasons E.T. is the Best Alien Movie Ever

Happy Monday ya’ll! This particular Monday is EXTRA special because it’s National Alien Abduction Day! Woohoo. While we ponder the great beyond and whether life exists beyond earth, let’s reflect on one of our fave alien flicks… E.T.! This Steven Spielberg joint from 1982 features one of the sweetest little aliens ever. Honestly, we’d love for him to abduct us!!

Here are eight reasons E.T. is the best alien movie ever:

A wee little Drew Barrymore was truly the cutest!

E.T. slays dress up. 

E.T. loves candy. I mean… come on!

He taught us all about being BFFs for life. 

This alien made bath time look like the best thing ever. 

The way he interacted with the family pup was just adorable. 

He helps you FLYYYYYY

E.T. is basically responsible for Stranger Things. Think about it!