5 TV Babes We’d Like To See More Of

TV is king right now. I mean, honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the new shows on network television, cable, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix! With all the choices, there’s really only one fail safe way to decide on your programming – the good ol’ babe meter.

Here are five TV babes that we’d like to see more of:

Alfred Enoch: If you’re a How To Get Away With Murder fan, odds are you were totally devastated to find out Wes was dead! (#notaspoilerbecauseithappenedmonthsago) Now that Alfred Enoch is officially off the show, we’d like to see him in another pilot ASAP. He’s charming and adorable and sexy and for a Brit, his American accent is spot on!

Kyle Allen: As Hawk Lane on Hulu’s drama The Path, Kyle has totally sipped the cult Kool-Aid. We’re not mad at him though. He’s such a cutie and we have a feeling he has a long career ahead of him.

Raza Jaffrey: Perhaps best known as Katherine McPhee’s OG boo in Smash, Raza Jaffrey has had many a stint on network television, including the short lived Code Black medical drama last season. Raza is a stud though and would be a perfect leading man in a court procedural show.

Paul Wesley: Our boy Paul has been playing a sexy, sensitive vampire on The Vampire Diaries since 2009. With TVD in its final season, we’re hoping sweet Paul can snag another killer (pun intended) series because his face and bod are fire.

Jason Momoa: Khal Drogo forever!! Since leaving Game of Thrones, Jason has had success in TV shows like The Red Road, and most recently, Netflix’s Frontier. Honestly, we don’t really care what show he’s in, just put him on screen, preferably topless.