5 Times Lorde Kept Us On Our Toes

When it comes to our girl, Lorde, everything feels like an event! The girl knows how to create buzz and there’s no denying that every announcement feels like an invitation into her world. As the singer gears up for the release of her highly-anticipated sophomore record, Melodrama, on June 16, we decided to take a look back on all the times Lorde kept us on our toes.

The release of the “Royals” video.

2013 will forever be remembered as the year of Lorde and “Royals” catapulted the singer to instant fame. Ironic considering what the track is really about. Pair the release of this iconic video with the release of The Love Club EP and there’s no stopping the nostalgic feels!

September 30, 2013: The Release of Debut Album, Pure Heroine

Whether you were a fan of the singer on September 30, 2013 or not, there was a certain buzz in the air that reeled listeners in on the release of Pure Heroine. All of the hype was justified and as we approach June 16 for the release of Melodrama, we can expect the same type of buzz only more intensified.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I Soundtrack

When Lorde announced she was the curator of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I soundtrack, we were stoked! The singer recruited all of her favorites and let’s be real here: it was probably the best movie soundtrack we’ve heard in quite some time. Once lead single, “Yellow Flicker Beat” was released, shit got real.

Lorde and Disclosure Collaborate in “Magnets.”

“Magnets” is such a jam and can still be found on zillions of dance/party playlists. And that video?! Daayyuumm! Disclosure knew what was up!

The Anticipated Release of “Green Light.”

Lorde had been teasing us for months of new music. The question was just a matter of when and how. On March 2, all of our dreams came true once “Green Light” came into play. There’s a sense of newfound freedom and confidence we’ve never seen from the singer before and we have a feeling Melodrama could quite possibly be even bigger than Pure Heroine. We’re waiting for it!